nd it is good if the patient, having received a referral to a gynecologist, even though reluctantly and feeling cornered, still visits this specialist.

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If by isotretinoin will or in the direction of another specialist, you had to face the need to consult a gynecologist, then, probably, you will also be interested in where the gynecologist accepts. Finding a gynecologist is not so difficult - he conducts an appointment either in a specialized antenatal clinic, or in an office at a polyclinic, or in a specialized diagnostic center or clinic. Ideally, of course, the best solution would be to visit a gynecologist at a specialized center.

It is noteworthy that at many clinics, a pediatric gynecologist and a teenage gynecologist are receiving appointments, which, accordingly, somewhat delimits the age category for admission. In general, a fairly common practice of referring to the specialist in question is to contact an antenatal clinic if the services of a specialist of this profile on a different scale are not available for one reason or accutane.

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Sooner or later, any girl has to deal with this question. It is best, of course, to start visiting the gynecologist from the moment when the first menstruation occurs. It should be noted that it is simply unacceptable to postpone the first visit if there are, at first glance, prerequisites for the possible presence of any female disease.

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Given the intimacy of the procedure for visiting this specialist, it is important to find "your" doctor, to whom you will later come for an appointment.

So he will become a familiar person for you, which will allow you to entrust him with such an important area of ​​health and, in fact, life, without much difficulty.

The obligatory "minimum" for visiting a gynecologist is twice a year. Such a need is caused by the fact that doctors of this specialty, as we have already noted, are engaged in the most important area in women's health, which determines for her an appropriate level of quality of life, as well as isotretinoin of conceiving and giving birth to healthy children.

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This is if you are interested in an ordinary routine examination by a gynecologist. There are also situations in which an unscheduled visit is necessary. These include, in particular:

planning the conception of a child (which is best, of course, to do in a state as healthy as possible); the need for pregnancy management (a visit to a doctor is conducted in accordance with a specific plan when undergoing prescribed examinations and courses of therapy); isotretinoin conception; failure in the menstrual cycle, the appearance of painful sensations; disturbances in the work of the endocrine or reproductive systems (painful sensations, unusual conditions);

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the appearance of accutane with an unpleasant odor or unusual color, as well as burning, itching in the genital area; the appearance of changes in the mammary glands (discharge from the nipples, their retraction or swelling, deformation, etc.).

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The primary appointment with a gynecologist provides for a number of the following mandatory actions: collection of medical history (i.e. history), as well as complaints related to the field of accutane; visual examination of gynecology; palpation (palpation) of gynecology;


examination of the cervix using gynecological mirrors; taking cervical and vaginal smears; the appointment of appropriate drug therapy aimed at eliminating diseases of the female genital organs; determination of dietary therapy, relevant in the presence of diseases of the female genital organs; development of a treatment and health regimen suitable for a patient with a specific disease.


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